Friday, September 24, 2010

draw something

i know i know, this is not good, but need to draw something in a different angle and keep drawing from various angles


  1. i do like the pose! maybe if i approach myself to the groun i can see her panties! HAHAHAH!!
    how are you dear? you're working hard!

  2. she wears no panties! Ahaaaaaa!!!
    i am doing much practice (but i don't post them here, i feel boring if i always do that), sticking to my plan (become a good illustrator like you~~)
    thanks! lovely genie

  3. I like the perspective, kinda looking up from the ground, good stuff.

  4. thank you!
    i will try to make better ones

  5. Hey! This is a unique and very dynamic perspective. Not so easy to do, but you've done a great job. What? No panties????? Hahahaha

    I also like your moon girl. Hope to see the finished version soon. :)

  6. hihi bella, i need more time to improve myself, please wait, i must be better

    hmmm... i have finished the moon-girl for a while, but the outcome is no good... i have a plan to take a course to learn Corel Painter then paint more works and post here