Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lovi Cat

i have been thinking of this character for a pretty long time, eventually make it tonight.
sorry to Genie Espinosa, i have to confess i am inspired by your Red Riding Hood . hope you don't mind me stealing your concept -_-
the name of this little girl is Lovi Cat, she is a cat and she is my lovely friend


  1. i'm so honored to inspire you!! she's really cute! you're improving a lot!! i do want a pagemarker of this chara! :-D pleeeeeeaaaaaaase?! *hugs*

  2. happy to know you like my work and find i have improvement ^_^
    pagemarker?? haha, sorry i don't quite catch you~ but i do love your works veryveryvery much. they are all full of personal style!
    ok, my dear, let me hug you tight this time

  3. haha, i try to do something as cute as you do!