Tuesday, September 7, 2010

practice (power girl)

practice again...
i am taking two comic drawing courses (one short course and one 18-month course). the teachers of both courses say the same thing: reproducing the works of our favourite pencillers is good for improving drawing skill. ok then, i trust my teachers, so i make this drawing. this is the first time i use ink!

original cover art of "power girl" issue 15 by sami basri


  1. well done!! you're a power girl too!! you're making real efforts! results will be show in very few time!! you're great!!

  2. It's looking good!!! This is wonderful!!! Great job.

  3. genie espinosa:
    i should be called "Power Man" because i am a man~ heehee
    i hope i can create my own characters by the end of the long-term course, i feel tried of my present job, need a new life

    thank you for you coming and your comment ^ ^
    i must make more illustrations to train up my drawing skill!