Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 10 (Love Birds)


  1. These are fun. Have to remind myself to check it out daily :-D

    Btw, thanks for commenting on my post of calendar desktop.

    But...I'm sorry. I have only 2 sizes. Feel free to download and crop it to fit your screen.

    I noted down the size and will make it next month!

  2. Good morning MerryDay! it may be MONTHLY BLACKAT, YEARLY BLACKAT or so, not really DAILY ^ ^
    it is not a matter about the size of calendar, i can resize it myself, don't worry~~

  3. I want to help those girls with their problem... I will sit between them! hee hee

  4. although you're not what?
    no i dont know!
    tell me what????


  5. You sat between the lesbian girls, or you just helped them? I am confused.
    Yes, Devil is right to ask, what do you mean 'you're not'?
    Do you like boys or girls, or... both? ha ha.

  6. Mita: i know you know~ haha ^ ^

    Ted: i love all people (a bit sham), in the meantime the two girls fell in love with me as soon as they saw me, so sorry Ted, there is no room for you among we three~~