Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 9 (Nobody helps!)


  1. Ha Ha, you are like a superhero the way you saved bullethead from the foam-mouth devilher. You are very brave!

    Hey, is that bullethead at the cinema with you?

    FUNNY characters!

  2. this is a truth story. there was just one woman and me to help the girl in the carriage...
    yes! this Bullethead is that Bullethead!

  3. I must be honest, Tango, I've never heard of a DEVILHER before in english, but I love the name. Is it a female devil? Your character names are great, and are a part of your unique style and imagination. I want more Bullethead and Blackat comics! More DEVILHER too!!

  4. Mita: oh, nothing big~ just someone loses consciousness, the other people watch with folded arms :(

    Ted: Devilher is not english. she and other characters come from a country named TANGOLAND. the people there use TANGOLISH. all their names are translated from Tangolish into English
    Devilher is a female devil without black heart but naughty
    i will work more hard to let you all read more their stories :)

  5. I was reading through your comic and am quite enjoying it. I really like your Blackkat character. Blackkat is really going to go places I think.

  6. hello Missy! i am trying to made it better and to give you more fun! thank you :)