Sunday, March 6, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 12 (Introduction)

a brief & late introduction ^_^


  1. hihi Mita! i'm great!! have spent a little time to do a little personal drawing project and almost done :)
    besides, i wanna draw a portrait for you~~ (oh, just kidding, no blame me~)

  2. Hey, where's all the guys in your cartoons? Why I'm asking this I have no idea... but it just hit me.
    Anyway, I like Devilher, she's cool and looks like trouble, and I want to see more adventures with her.

  3. haha Ted you are right! Devilher is a trouble-maker (her horns have shown her personality). my personal drawing project is going to be finished in a couple of days, after that, i can spend more time for Devilher & her intimates, give me a little time (indeed i have one post on hand but i have no time to ink and color it)

  4. Dear Chow Yuk Lung Tango,
    Great job! All characters look so interesting and seem to be based on classic patters. Devilher's appearence reminded me of a leaning tower of Pisa in Italiy. Look forward to what's coming up.
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. you say it right Sadami, Devilher really looks like the tower! i have been there, i can say it for sure ^_^
    thank you~~

  6. Hey there!
    Thanks for the comment, dude. Appreciate it. Keep them comics coming, I´ll keep myslef updated.

  7. hello Pedro! thank you for your comment! i want to see more your works