Monday, March 14, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 13 (Helicopter Parents)


  1. What is going on here?... This is the first story I didn't get. I will re-read and study it later tonight because I know it's just me, right?

  2. Amy: thank you for your commnets!

    Ted: oh my! i guess the problem is from the last three panels of page 3. they should be separated from the others, they express: after grandpa has gone & the two robot helicopter parents' batteries have run out of power; one day, grown-up Devilher wants a cup of water, but she even doesn't know how to boil water and just knows asking the kettle who isn't able to speak! she learns nothing during the past 20 years. i should add one blank panel or a panel with some words such as "one day" "later" before the last three. there is a big problem, i need to present the post in front of my classmate this saturday , hope they will understand what i draw... :(

    Mita: yes! you are the little crafty devil ^ ^

  3. first time I visit here,
    that little devil is cute :)
    I like that story, we depend too much on machines now, this could be reality in a few years...

  4. hi Ana, welcomeeee!!
    that is my pleasure you like my character
    someday we all become machines...%##%##$$#$@@@ (robot's language)

  5. Brilliant! Those helicopter parents are scaaary (although this one is pretty cute.)

  6. hong kong is full of such kind of parents, really scary!