Sunday, May 22, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 22 (I Prefer 2-D)


  1. Yes, Avatar proved that 3D doesnt make a movie better, only a good story does that!
    We see 3D for free everyday, because life is in 3D! Why would we pay more just to see a bad movie in 3D not as good as life?
    I predict 3D will come and go just like it did in the 1950s.

  2. Ted, it means you like Avatar? or not? i have to confess i am not interested in Avatar. Inception & The Dark Knight are my favourite
    you say that right! nothing is more 3D than our daily lives (we even don't need to wear the stupid glasses)
    i hope your prediction will come true very soon, 3D is just a trick that the film companies use to squeeze our money out of our pockets!!!

  3. haha, thank Monica for joining my Anti-3D Alliance!

  4. No, I did not like Avatar. It was nothing new, the advertising lied.

    Avatar had a bad story. If a movie has a bad story, then 3D wont make it better, it's still a bad story.

  5. yeah!!!! Ted, we are kindred spirit! i have wanted to say it for a very very very long time but there are too many fans of Avatar in Hong Kong, i don't dare to make a word...
    Avatar is NOTHING! Avatar is a VERY BAD FILE!
    i feel better now :)