Saturday, May 28, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 23 (Are You Available?)


  1. This is funny, but... Is Blackat a lesbian then? Or is this a male relative of Blackat? I'm confused.

  2. heheh... so maybe Blackat is a lesbian so what... get over it :D

  3. oh bytheway...
    i did
    say it
    out loud...

    he didnt seem to care.

  4. thanks Monica! and happy birthday!

    Ted, haha! Blackat can be anyone, please keep confused, no need to clarify that~

    Mita~~ what you want Blackat to be, she will be what.
    if you don't mind, i will send Blackat & her friends to kick his butt
    (besides, i care you~ crafty devil)

  5. Get off me, Mita.. I'm just trying to get the story straight, that's all. heheh double heh heh

    But now I'm disappointed; because I know Tango won't draw the Blackat lesbian scenes we crave... :P