Thursday, June 16, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 26 (Daily Blackat Special)

this is the last assignment for the evening comics class
please enjoy it


  1. I really like the coloring and where the girl is running. The end made me laugh! Will there be more Blackat?

  2. thanks Missy! coloring is the subject of this assignment.
    other than Blackat, i guess nobody knows where the two are running~
    more Blackat? you mean in the future? absolutely yes! Blackat will carry on until I die. the class will end but Blackat never ends :)

  3. The last page is best for color- it has more purple!

    So are you really Blackat's father? There's too much mystery over there in China.

  4. Ted: oh yeah! purple is most suitable for Blackat
    i'm absolutely Blackat's father, no mystery anymore haha

    Monica: i took more than 30 hours to finish these pages, feel happy you like them