Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hard Dog Planet


  1. Why do you start another blog? -too confusing for me.

  2. hi Ted!
    Hard Dog Cafe is just for my daughter Blackat (it of course will continue); Hard Dog Production is for longer stories (they are very important for me to think about how to make scenes smoother from one panel to another panel); Hard Dog Planet is for the drawings fully colored (I need to practice coloring skill)
    haha, please just stay here

  3. Oh, I seeee. thank you for the explanation. I don't think people know about you, and that Blackat is your daughter. I thought she was just a cartoon character from your imagination. Maybe you need more info in your profile??

    I will always stay here to follow Blackat comics!

  4. ohohoh Ted, you are right! Blackat is a character but I treat her as my own daughter because I create and raise her, I love her so much :)

  5. Ohhh.. okay... -but once you said you were wearing a hat just like Blackats, so back then I thought YOU were Blackat.

    So, riddle solved: Blackat is your character whom you love. All good.