Thursday, December 8, 2011

DAILY BLACKAT 44 (I prefer climbing the stairs)


  1. You and I think alike! When one lazy person (usually a fat lady) holds up everyone in the parking structure to get the closest parking spot, I drive ahead and park, then walk by their car while they are still holding everyone up. I am in the store and they are still waiting. HAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

    Hey, look; There is a rough to view your progress. Very cool.

  2. yeah! Ted, you are the second smartest guy in the world!(the first is me, heh heh).
    why do people always want to save little time; meanwhile, waste much more time to do something meaningless??? I feel ridiculous

  3. i prefer climbing the stairs too so will the amount of calories burned.
    Stay skinny!


  4. come on Mita, let's climb!!!
    hmm... wait a minute, I have no calories to be burned, I'm already a skeleton~

  5. You can donate your bone marrow, to help lose weight.