Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daily Blackat 74 (The Mightiest Hero)


  1. haha poor cowboy, who's gonna save him now?

    1. Don't worry, Blackat will be back after she picks her home keys~

  2. Yaaayyy! Blackat is here! Oops.. now Blackat is gone! Hope I understood it correctly. The writing is so small on this one I can barely read.

    1. Hi Ted, you know what I want to say very well. Sorry about the tiny hand writing. I feel it is very hard to read, so I transform the panels like the post 75th.
      Please see the dialogues of this post below:
      1. Somebody needs help.
      2. Oops~
      3. Oh noooo! The mightiest hero Blackat is here!!
      Thank God! Blackat is here.
      4. Don't you come to help me!? Where are you going?
      Sorry, I left the keys at home. So I have to get back home before my mom goes to the bed. Bye guys.
      Heh heh, the mightiest idiot.